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Our Story

Tim Nolte with cameraTim Nolte, owner of Maskil Productions, graduated from Colorado Film School, one of Hollywood Reporter’s top 25 film schools, with an emphasis in writing and directing. He spent 8 years as a trainer for Apple Inc., reaching Master Pro level certification in Final Cut Studio. He began his professional video career in 2003, creating online advertisements for luxury real estate. With over 10 years of professonal video production experience, Tim’s award-winning work has given him skills in virtually every aspect of production and post-production, from directing to editing and visual effects. His credits include work on local and national television shows, two independent feature films, dozens of short films, commercials, music videos, and promotional videos for businesses, schools, and churches.

Past favorite contracts include shooting for the educational series True U, slow motion shooting for the Travel Channel, and working with PADÀ Supper Club Design to create an animated series on human trafficking for the non-profit iEmpathize. His latest personal project, the short film, “Fulfillment,” is currently garnering awards in the festival circuit.

Maskil is an ancient Hebrew literary or musical term. It was used to describe psalms which pass on knowledge or teach important truths.